Direct Store Delivery (DSD)

Shullsburg Transportation offers refrigerated Direct Store Delivery service (DSD) to retailers throughout the Midwest. DSD is a term used to describe a method of delivering product from a supplier/distributor, directly to a retail store, bypassing a retailer’s distribution center.

Our drivers have a proven track record with more than 10 years experience delivering products to over 1500 retail locations for the Shullsburg Creamery, LLC located in Shullsburg, Wisconsin.

Our warehouse is equipped with three deep push back racking, pallet flow, and carton flow for case picking, which faciliates all product in rotation. Specialized packaging and labeling requirements can be met as a value-added function.

Choose us to warehouse and assemble your orders for delivery to your retail customers throughout the Midwest.

Capturing the full benefits of our DSD program can help your company with the following:

red bullet   Quick turnarounds to help increase sales.

red bullet   Reduce your handling and storage cost.

red bullet   Value added services.

red bullet   Simplify your distribution.

red bullet   Streamline your inventory, warehouse, and transportation operations.

red bullet   Reduce out of stock items.

red bullet   Save labor and money at the back door.

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